My use of “Manifest Destiny”

Given the recent outcry in response to the Gap’s t-shirt, I am compelled to explain my use of the phrase “Manifest Destiny” in my song (and EP).  I chose to take the phrase and break it back down to its most basic concept, and personalize it to consider the idea that there is a life path set out for me, as dictated by some cosmic entity.  It is the intriguing and common consideration of fate and free will.  As the lyrics indicate, I contemporaneously declare freedom from my past and actively seek to fulfill that preordained purpose (if it even exists), which can be both exciting and scary, alienating and grounding.  


Again, this use of “Manifest Destiny” is personal, and is quite distinct from the dark chapter from U.S. history involving extensive manipulation and killing of indigenous peoples, as well as expansion of slavery.  I understand that some may not be able or willing to separate the phrase from its original historical context in order to consider it in this new context.  I strive to remain sensitive and responsible in this matter, and I hope that my adoption of the phrase does not offend.  



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